The fruit of my four-month labour, done with a blend of digital and watercolour mediums.

Prints for the top piece are available at inprnt!

Print Shop!

There’s not a lot right now, but I’m now selling prints on inprnt

If there’s a particular piece not in the shop that you’d like to buy a print of, please let me know and I’ll put it up, thanks!

Sorry things have been a little lacklustre these days, life has been very busy! 

This video gives me strength

photoshop crashes and corrupts my file almost immediately after I finished something


So I might have binge-watched Brooklyn Nine Nine… 
Blaming this on my homie veronicapalmer!!!!!!! 

In an attempt to draw a quick bioshock fanfart without spoiling it for vivi here is the dancing bread boy 

in junior high i went through this phase of hooking a zillion phone charms onto anything possible and I haven’t thrown them out but totally forgot about them

until now

gonna put this on my pencilcase RIGHT NOW

Taking a small break before diving back into schoolstuff. JUST A FEW MORE WEEKS….

I’ve been doing landscapes partially to improve and also for school….the final versions are a little different from these guys but I still really like how they came out. Also revisited a couple of prior speedpaints to clean up as well!

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