Sorry things have been a little lacklustre these days, life has been very busy! 

This video gives me strength

photoshop crashes and corrupts my file almost immediately after I finished something


So I might have binge-watched Brooklyn Nine Nine… 
Blaming this on my homie veronicapalmer!!!!!!! 

In an attempt to draw a quick bioshock fanfart without spoiling it for vivi here is the dancing bread boy 

in junior high i went through this phase of hooking a zillion phone charms onto anything possible and I haven’t thrown them out but totally forgot about them

until now

gonna put this on my pencilcase RIGHT NOW

Taking a small break before diving back into schoolstuff. JUST A FEW MORE WEEKS….

I’ve been doing landscapes partially to improve and also for school….the final versions are a little different from these guys but I still really like how they came out. Also revisited a couple of prior speedpaints to clean up as well!

it was almost WARM yesterday and today I’m debating when to even walk home because montreal is a fucking blizzard outside

noooo I was considering whether or not I should hole up for the rest of the day or not but then our school closed so I took it as a sign to get my butt home before it got any worse haha but stay safe! It’ll get warmer….eventually……………?

i didn’t know places had worse weather than Boston

Canadian stereotypes are pretty accurate when it comes to the winter orz…hopefully it’ll clear up on your end as well! (I’m assuming boston new york which isn’t too far off from where i’m at so we’re probably experiencing the same storm rn) 

yesterday was glorious 8 degree patio weather with almost no signs of snow downtown and today is greeted with 20+ cm snowstorm and an extreme cold weather alert

c’mon canada winter has to end sometime

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